Peacehaven Performs at Shopper’s Day

Written by Gina.

The Greensboro Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities held its 34th annual Shopper’s Day at the Four Seasons Town Centre in Greensboro on Thursday, December 5th. A record 971 people with disabilities signed up as shoppers. Shopper’s Day is an annual event that provides people with disabilities the opportunity to shop with the help of a volunteer. Each shopper is given a $10 stipend to spend as they wish. The volunteers come from all over Guilford County where they learn about the daily challenges people with disabilities face. According to the Institute on Disability, “19% of the population have disabilities, and if they were formally recognized as a minority group, they would be the largest minority group in the United States”.

There was entertainment provided for the almost 1000 shoppers and all the volunteers that attended, and the majority of this entertainment was provided primarily by people with disabilities. The Peacehaven Farm Ukelele Group performed four Christmas songs, and got the crowd up singing and dancing. The uke players began their performance with a beautiful rendition of Silent Night, and ended their four-song set with a loud and wild version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. A fun day was had by all, and of course Santa Claus was there, so he really did come to town!!


1 thought on “Peacehaven Performs at Shopper’s Day

  1. Nice one Gina!! Thank you for writing and sharing. 🙂


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